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Everpure - T-20 Whole House Premium System

Everpure - T-20 Whole House Premium System


Commercial Grade Water Filtration for the Home

When it comes to your family, you don't believe in making compromises. That's why Everpure makes the advanced performance of our commercial grade filtration available for home use. Our under-counter water filtration systems represent the ultimate in home water care. Each cartridge is made with seamless, polymer-lined aluminum - not plastic, like other filtration systems. On the inside, our Micro-PureĀ® precoat filtration technology delivers six times more filtering power and superior chlorine and particulate reduction. In fact, even our most affordable filtration system helps safeguard you and your family against harmful contaminants such as lead, cysts and asbestos. Yet, the sanitary quick-change cartridge design makes cartridge replacement as easy as changing a light bulb.

Part No. EV9370-00

The T20 Whole House Premium System removes common off-tastes and odors and excess chlorine. In addition, it fine filters cloudiness, cysts and precipitated lead.


Reduces up to 99% of chlorine, off-tastes and odors

Removes particulates down to 1 micron in size

Reduces 99% of cysts, asbestos fibers, oxidized iron, sulfide and manganese, and precipitated lead and aluminum (does not provide full protection from chemical and lead contamination - recommended to be used in conjunction with a point-of-use system for drinking or cooking water)

Prolongs the life of appliances that use water as well as the cartridge life of point-of-use drinking water systems

Reduces these contaminants:

  • Cysts such as Giardia, Entamoeba and Cryptosporidium
  • Asbestos fibers
  • Precipitated lead
  • Oxidized iron
  • Sulfide
  • Manganese
  • Aluminum
  • Particulates 1 micron and larger in size

Specification Sheets Available at Showroom

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